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Las Vegas Sexy Ed workshops are held at your venue- usually in your home, hotel suite/ room or banquet facility and last between 90 minutes- 3 ½  hours (depending on course).  The atmosphere is casual, relaxed, educational and super fun!   Each workshop includes all materials associated, including hysterical veggie props for BJ 101, as well as Completion Certificates for all courses!

Perfect for an epic Las Vegas Bachelorette party, birthday soiree, Girls Night, and any other fabulous reason to get your friends together to laugh & learn!



#BJ101 is hands-down (although you’ll soon learn to keep those hand motions going…) the most popular workshop requested.  This open discussion workshop lasts 2ish hours and is perfect for a busy but fun Las Vegas Bachelorette Weekend, Ladies Night, or Birthday gathering. It’s crazy fun and super educational!

Hate gagging? We gotcha covered. What to do with those balls? Yep, you’ll learn that also!

1-5 people $175.  $35 per each additional person *Holiday pricing may vary.

SEDUCE brings our two most popular classes, Fabulous Fellatio and The Art of Seduction, together- creating a 2-part Tease Him, then Please Him workshop that is sure to make your man go wild!

This workshop includes a sensual and seductive movement and dance routine (AKA the tease!)  followed by our most popular workshop, Fabulous Fellatio.  You’ll learn awesome tips, techniques, and ideas that will take your head game to the next level (AKA the please!) 

Super sexy, crazy fun, and way educational!

1-5 people $200.  $40 per each additional person *Holiday pricing may vary.


Let’s Talk About Sex is an informal, educational, and fun way to hang out with your friends and discuss all types of sex-related topics.  Heidi will open a sexually themed dialect in an open forum setting where everyone can be involved, ask questions, provide feedback & learn tons of exciting tips, tricks, and techniques!

We  talk about sex a lot, but we don’t really talk about sex.  Sometimes we feel like we might be the only person with a specific dilemma or question.  These roundtable discussions are an awesome experience to get together and chat with our peers about all things sex- where we usually discover that although we are all different, we are also pretty similar in many of our thoughts, concerns, and desires.  Everyone always leaves with fabulous new knowledge and sexual empowerment!  (the Let’s Talk About Sex Workshop is a BLAST!)  ~Hey Heidi

1-5 people $175.  $35 per each additional person *Holiday pricing may vary.

SQUIRT! the workshop

The key to mind-blowing sex and orgasms begins with understanding your body, knowing your sexual “hot-spots”, and what specifically feels wonderful to you. SQUIRT! has quickly become a favorite in the Las Vegas Sexy Ed Workshop Series. From having a better understanding of our sexual anatomy, learning about the clitoris and g-spot, to the always-popular squirting~ we cover it! The course is designed to provide knowledge and empowerment in a casual, super-informative, environment.

Topics Include

  • The Female Sexual Anatomy & Erogenous Zone Road Map- including an in-depth look at the elusive and mysterious g-spot (also known as the female prostate, aka female p-spot)
  • Your sexual response cycle & identifying the signs
  • Techniques to enhance self & partner pleasure
  • Orgasmsthere’s probably more to them than you realize! Understand the clitoris as well as several other female hot zones!
  • SQUIRTING! Fact or Fiction

1-5 people $175.  $35 per each additional person *Holiday pricing may vary.



Your group can include a sexy & seductive dance routine to any of our workshops.  The routine will add approximately 40 minutes to your class.

Upgrade is additional $5 per person. Include your request in the comments section when scheduling.


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WHAT IN THE BUTT? {all about anal sex}

Are you interested in anal sex but not sure where to start? Worried about pain or even a possible mess?  Maybe you’ve already tried butt play but want to learn additional techniques, tips, and tricks?

Most people are curious about anal sex & we recieve questions about it at just about every workshop.  It’s considered taboo, yet there’s a whole lot of people thinking about it.  It is definitely a subject that needs addressing- you should have the necessary knowledge before having it.                                        ~Hey Heidi!

Whether you’re just curious about what all the hubbub is about, a novice, or already have some anal experience, this class  is sure to teach you something new!
In this informative and super entertaining workshop, Hey Heidi will discuss taboos, anal anatomy, male prostate and female G-spot, along with how to ease into play and the tools that are necessary for a successful journey plus so much more!

1-5 people $175.  $35 per each additional person *Holiday pricing may vary.


Perfect for a Bachelorette add-on, pre-night out fun, or even a weeknight get-together with your girls, our Happy Hour party lasts approx. 1-1.5 hours.  We will bring an assortment of buzzing beauties, along with some of our favorite enhancement products with us, giving you and your guests the opportunity to discuss all things sex toy related!  Many items will be available to purchase on the day of your party, others will be (discreetly) shipped to you.


Add a toy demo to any of our workshops.  We will demonstrate toys and products that go along with the workshop theme, and you and your guests will have the opportunity to purchase goodies at the end of your workshop!


If you choose this add-on, guests will receive a FREE SILVER BULLET with any purchase!

*Please note, we need a 2-week notice for this add-on.