What is the cost?
Workshop cost begin at $175.00 (for the first five guests) and then are $35.00-$40.00 (depending on workshop) per person for each additional attendee.
Is there a minimum number of guests?
There are no minimum requirements, however, there is a $175.00 minimum to hold a workshop.
Where are workshops held?
Workshops are held at you venue, hotel room/suite or meeting space.  Ensure that your space has enough room to comfortably accommodate your number of guests.  If you would prefer, we can provide a local, Las Vegas meeting space (depending on location availability).
How long does an average workshop last?
Depending on the specific workshop, they are designed to be between 90 minutes to 2.5 hours.  This fluctuates a bit depending on the number of attendees as well as questions and conversations that take place.  Please let us know if you are on a very defined schedule.
Do you provide all materials needed for workshop?

We do!  All materials associated with your workshop will be provided- including a completion certificate!  We do offer an upgrade from the standard “veggie” prop (for BJ101 and the Pleasure & Sensuality workshops) for  lifelike toys, along with other fun items!  To see our offerings, CLICK HERE

Is there any nudity?
NEVER.  Although  sexual in content, there is no nudity or “live demonstration” segments in any of our workshops.  All demo’s use either toys or veggie props.
Can you customize a workshop?
You certainly can!  If your group would like to incorporate different segments of various workshops we can work together to custom tailor you specific occasion.  You can e send your request here.
Do you offer private workshops or classes for individuals?
We do!  These types of classes are a wonderful option for individuals, couples, or small groups (less than 5 ppl).  They are held in our local meeting space.  View the private workshop information.
How can I schedule a workshop?
It’s so easy!  Click HERE!
How far in advance would you recommend scheduling?
We suggest you book your event as early as you can~ although never hesitate to contact us for last minute bookings~ what’s the worst that could happen?! 😉 .  Workshop slots do tend to fill very quickly (especially weekends and holidays) so the earlier the better.
Can we take photographs or videoduring workshops?
NO VIDEO’S ARE ALLOWED WITHOUT PRIOR CONSENT. Photo’s are certainly welcomed, but please make sure that all guests are comfortable with them.   Also, make sure that if you plan to post photos on social media/online that all of your guests are okay with this as well. Feel free to share your workshop pics with us!  We’d love to see them!  
Is there a minimum age requirement to attend a workshop?
All guests must be 18 years of age.
Will you have products available for purchase?
Although certainly not required nor expected, we will have our mobile mini-boutique available with products guest may wish to purchase following the workshop.  We usually have items relating specifically to the topics we’ve covered (and demonstrated).  We can also ship products to out-of-state guests if they like.
Can we include a stripper?
Girl’s Nights/Weekends/Gatherings are all about crazy fun!  If you do intend on hiring a stripper for your event we just ask that they are scheduled following our workshop.
Have a question you don’t see here?  Please contact us and we will respond promptly!