Las Vegas scavenger hunts are a great way to bring your group together, all the while adding a little fun competition to your girls Vegas get-away (plus, you’ll surely stumble upon things you might have missed before!).   Here’s a list of 50 items that are perfect for your bachelorette party to collect!

The details are simple:
Use your phone to collect pictures of the items below.  The person or team with the most points wins!  You can download and print the list HERE.


  • Upload pics to instagram using a custom hashtag so the group can see where everyone is in hunt
  • Add pics to group text message
  • Offer special prizes for specific tasks, or a grand prize
  • Pick teams and divide list up so that each team has different photos to collect
  • Chose the best photo’s and create a memory book for the bride-to-be


  1. your clean hotel room/suite~ pre-Vegas debauchery
  2. holding the bride-to-be’s hand
  3. with a cop
  4. under the Eiffel Tower
  5. with an impersonator
  6. with a showgirl
  7. with Elvis
  8. at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign
  9. with another Bachelorette party
  10. with a Bachelor party
  11. in front of a fountain
  12. in front of flowers
  13. with a flamingo
  14. with a hotel water bottle
  15. holding five casino chips
  16. with a taxi/limo/Uber driver
  17. with a guy who has the same name as the groom (ID required)
  18. with the DJ
  19. near a pool
  20. with a tall beverage
  21. with a giant M&M
  22. with a go-go dancer
  23. with a guy who’s not wearing a shirt
  24. on a gondola
  25. with a slice of pizza
  26. next to Britney
  27. at a slot machine
  28. with a hand-stamp or armband
  29. under a giant chandelier
  30. with your entire group
  31. with a waiter
  32. with someone’s grandmother
  33. with a promoter
  34. on a purple sofa
  35. next to a do not disturb sign
  36. with someone wearing a UNLV shirt
  37. of the bride-to-be walking in front of you
  38. in front of a wedding chapel
  39. wearing your cutest shoes
  40. someone in your group dancing in the hotel room
  41. in line at a buffet
  42. with a pair of dice
  43. wearing mardi gras beads
  44. next to a tiger
  45. wearing pj’s
  46. with a stranger’s business card
  47. wearing something pink
  48. of a friend sleeping
  49. next to a palm tree
  50. the aftermath of your hotel room/suite post-Vegas debauchery



Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? If you have any additional ideas to add to the list, we’d love to hear them! 🙂

pink welcome to las vegas sign
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