vegas signSo you’re organizing a Las Vegas Bachelorette Party, Girls Vegas weekend, birthday party, or some other type of awesome Vegas excursion.  Now you’re trying to decide on some amazing activities… something you might not ever have the opportunity to do otherwise.  You’ve scoured all of the appropriate sites, planned the Vegas must do’s (night clubs, day clubs, spa, dinner- maybe even a male review or strip-club….) but what else?

This is what  just about everyone goes through right before finding us  And then- either by a recommendation of a past graduate, referral from a club promoter or even just the magic of Google- you’re looking at the possibility of you and your friends attending a sexuality themed workshop!  In Vegas, no less!

Sounds crazy, right? But fun crazy.  Mysterious crazy.  And hell, it’s Vegas- “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, right?!

Okay, whew, now what?  You’d love to plan a workshop.  It’s your girl’s Bachelorette Party, Birthday or some other momentous event.  But what can you expect from a “sexuality-themed” class or workshop?  Is it going to be awkward?  Will some bizarre-O person show up doing who-knows-what?

scared womanLet me put your mind at ease.  Nothing creepy-freaky is going to happen at a Las Vegas Sexy Ed workshop.  You and your girls will start off giggling, then move on to whole-hearted belly-aching laughs, followed by feeling so at ease all the questions you ever wanted to know will start flowing.  These workshops are amazingly fun- and funny. They’re laid back and informal.  And they are certainly loaded with information and suggestions that you’ll be able to incorporate into your life immediately.

I’ve worked with thousands of people from across the globe that finally felt like they weren’t the only one with a specific issue.  There have been many, many “aha” moments when an attendee has said “OMG, that TOTALLY makes sense!”.

Every workshop I’ve ever conducted always ends with big hugs and thank you’s and I’ve been told over-and-over again that the
wwomenatpartyorkshop was nothing like they anticipated- that it far exceeded their expectations!  I have past graduates contact me regularly for quick
questions or suggestions.  They get in touch with me again to let me know that what they’ve learned is working out great.  They tell me it felt like they were hanging out with their very well-informed sister or aunt who totally ‘got them’!

So no worries- I promise you’ll have fun.  This WILL be the event you’ll ALWAYS remember!  



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