Topic Ideas

  • BJ Talk 101
  • Libido
  • Anal Know-How
  • Male & Female Sexual Anatomy
  • What Women (and Men!) Want
  • Orgasms!
  • Female Squirting
  • Your Sex Bucket List
  • Sex Data & Research
  • How to Properly Communicate About Sex

The Deets

  • Workshop lasts approximately 2 hours
  • All materials associated are provided
  • Available in the Greater Las Vegas Valley
  • Must be 18+ to attend


*Up to 5 people $175.  $35 per each additional person
                           *Holiday pricing may vary.

Let’s Talk About Sex is an informal, educational, and fun way to hang out with your friends and discuss all types of sex-related topics.  Heidi will open a sexually themed dialect in an open forum setting where everyone can be involved, ask questions, provide feedback & learn tons of exciting tips, tricks, and techniques!

We  talk about sex a lot, but we don’t really talk about sex.  Sometimes we feel like we might be the only person with a specific dilemma or question.  These round-table discussions are an awesome experience to get together and chat with our peers about all things sex- where we usually discover that although we are all different, we are also pretty similar in many of our thoughts, concerns, and desires.  Everyone always leaves with fabulous new knowledge and sexual empowerment!  (the Let’s Talk About Sex Workshop is a BLAST!)     ~Hey Heidi